Current Work


Holocaust Brunch

We invite you to hear from a pair of Holocaust survivors and one of their descendants, over a delicious brunch. There will be the opportunity to reflect on their stories and on how, as the next generation, we can keep the memory alive. Or which memories. Or whose memories. Hang on, why are we doing this? And why so much food? A new solo show created & performed by Tamara.

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Shiduchs, Shabbes & Shmucks

A workshop bringing together artists from diverse backgrounds to explore the performance of Jewishness, in the spectre of the recent debates about antisemitism in the UK. The project is structured around Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest, and includes time to make artistic responses inspired by the word ‘schmuck’.

Part of DIY 19, this project is supported by LADA and the Southbank Centre, and is facilitated by Liat Rosenthal and Alex Eisenberg.



A seven-minute street performance which brings to life the impact of air pollution on life on Earth. We witness a healthy breathing lung deteriorate from vehicle pollution & human impact, collapse, and ultimately come back to life through nature, breathing air and harmony back into the organism and symbolising the critical role nature plays in the health of our co-dependent ecosystems. A collaborative project, LUNG is being performed throughout London as part of Extinction Rebellion at spaces including Hackney Town Hall, London Fields and Tate Modern.


A Secret Life

Do you know what goes on in my head? Do I know what goes on in yours? Maybe it’s not what either of us expects … Follow our characters on an everyday journey through South London, hearing their inner thoughts via a custom-built app on your smartphone. A promenade theatre piece using digital media, inspired by intergenerational workshops with local people in South London. ‘The future of theatre’ (London City Nights).