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Written by Tamara Micner. Developed with Baseless Fabric Theatre at University of the Arts London (Wimbledon Space).

Supported by Theatre503, the Wakeham Trust and Wandsworth Arts Fringe. Premiered in May 2016.

A Secret Life sees audiences follow Audrey on an everyday journey through South London as she reflects on her life, grappling with grief and an impending dilemma. We hear her inner thoughts through a custom-built smartphone app as she meets her granddaughter, Ruby, and faces a decision which could tear her family apart. A digital promenade play exploring adolescence in the postwar years and today, what’s changed and what’s remained the same …

Shines with a subtle but sparkling freshness … It felt like being in thrall to the wonderful raconteur in your family.’ –There Ought To Be Clowns

Experiences like A Secret Life are going to be the future of theatre.’ –London City Nights

A technological triumph.’ –Theatre Bubble

Theatre503, Wandsworth Arts Fringe, London, May 2016 (sellout run)