Wink the Other Eye

For this night only: The Queen of Music Hall, Marie Lloyd, performs a series of her best-known songs together with ‘real events’ from her life. An evening promising: songs from a long-lost London, debauched merriment, fine beers and wines. A performance also featuring: The raucous atmosphere of the music hall. Exquisite silk dresses. A glimpse behind the elusive mask of fame …

Created with and performed by Amanda Butterworth, Ronan Fitzgerald and James Welland

Developed & performed at Hackney Showroom, London, 2015

Supported by Arts Council England and Snapper Productions

Isabel and Ed are a bright young couple living in the shadows of two very different Jewish histories. It’s 1973 in Canada, and they really like each other – and each other’s parents. They want to embark on their own journey, but first they must do battle at home. As their families meet, eat, misinterpret and overreact, will the older generation be a help -- or a hindrance?

Written by Tamara Micner

Performed at Chutzpah! Festival for the Performing Arts, Vancouver, 2015 / King’s Head Theatre, London, 2014 (sellout run)

Nominee, 2015 Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards (Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role, Outstanding Costume Design)

Developed on the Without Decor scheme, King’s Head Theatre

A beautifully acted character play with hilarious dialogue … a laugh-out-loud snapshot of family dynamics.’ –Vancouver Presents

The script’s greatest strength is its ability to appreciate families in both their eccentricities and their depth.’ –Georgia Straight

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What You’re Missing


Cabin Fever

A woman is depressed. Nothing is helping. Not the cinema or travelling or clubbing. Her best friend realises what she needs, and it’s not in the city. This dialogue-free piece explores the narrative possibilities of tap dance and the interplays between tap and theatre.

Created and performed with Thomas Kempf

Performed at Bush Theatre, London, 2013

Mentored by Sabrina Mahfouz (theatre), Avalon Rathgeb (tap dance)

Developed at Danceworks and Greenwich West, London

Supported by IdeasTap

Fleeing Britain in scandal, Lord Byron is pent up in Geneva with writer’s block and a male lover. Mary and Percy Shelley have come to visit, but why? And what will they do amid the nonstop rain? What starts as an innocent writing contest to quicken the heart and curdle the blood spawns surprise arrivals, rivalries and romance – and the most infamous creature the world has known. Join this motley group as they clash, picnic and witness the birth of … Frankenstein! Mad, bad and dangerous to see.

Written by Tamara Micner

Performed at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2011

Supported by C Venues, Cambridge University ADC

A frolic through a traditional, quintessentially English passion for poetry and the art of writing … definitely worth a look.’ –BroadwayBaby

Strikingly witty and polished … intelligent, funny and certainly worth seeing.’ –Varsity

Twinkling with mischief … one wishes that it could go on all night.’ –Tychy@ the Fringe

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