Written and performed by Tamara Micner. Premiering in 2019 in Vancouver.

Developed with support from Camden People’s Theatre, JW3, the British Columbia Arts Council and Chutzpah! Festival for the Performing Arts.

Tamara’s first solo show asks: how can we honour the histories we inherit whilst breaking free from them? Bringing to life the true survival stories of Bluma & Isaac Tischler, her lifelong best friend’s grandparents, Holocaust Brunch explores whether we can cultivate a relationship to the Holocaust which contributes to communal healing and solidarity. Through comedy, music and beigels, the show tears open an intergenerational wound, probing why we remember the Holocaust – and what it might look like to forget.


Past scratch performance at Camden People’s Theatre, London, October 2018

Upcoming scratch performance at JW3, London, May 2019

Run at Chutzpah! Festival for the Performing Arts, Vancouver, Autumn 2019